This concept is used in a specific manner giving sense to new proposals, inventions and their marketing. In the strict sense, however, it has been said that ideas can only be innovations if they are converted into new products, services or procedures that find a successful application, and therefore gaining an entry to the market.

In other words,



Innovation is the key element that explains competitiveness. The world-renown Harvard researcher, Michael Porter, said: “A nation’s competitiveness depends on the capacity of its industry to innovate and upgrade. Companies gain advantage against the world’s best competitors because of pressure and challenge.”


Luna Nueva Ltda., through its Research & Development Area, has developed new technologies and undertaken numerous projects.


New Technologies

de-molding 400px  

Use of Ultrasound for Anode de-molding

  Ultrasonic system developed by Luna Nueva de-molds copper anodes (and other metals) by means of ultrasound alone, avoiding contamination of anode copper due to use of traditional de-molding agents of chemical origin. This system has been tried succesfully at Codelco´s Ventanas Division.


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Pyrometallurgic processing of Anode Muds to Doré Metal

  P-BADS Technology allows conversion of decoppered anode muds directly into doré metal by semi-continuous process of fusion-conversion-refinement, introducing economic, operational and environmental benefits to the investment.


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Remote Measurement of Gases and Particles in Smelting Processes


The system allows to chemically characterize and quantify the presence of various atmospheric contaminants in high temperature gaseous effluents rmotely without the need for samples or laboratory analysis, detecting sulphour dioxide, nitrous oxides and arsenic contained in them.

National Prize for Innovation 2016 - AVONNI - Mention in Environment.




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Research Areas

  Mining and Metallurgy
  Geology and Geophysics
  Energy and Environment
  Medicine and Biotechnology


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Development Areas

  Physical and Mathematical Modelling
  Fluid Dynamics Computer Simulation
  Instrumentation and Control
  What If Scenarios
  Industrial Patenting

Research & Development Projects

 1 Development of a new system for the conversion of dry decopperized anodic slime to doré metal. 
 2 Development of an ultrasound assisted refining system in electrowinning cells.
 3 Development of system for the separation of ions in an electrowinning cell.
 4 Development of a nuclear system for the detection of total copper in a mineral sample.
5 Development of a detection system for copper oxides (cuprite and tenorite) in geological samples.
6 Development of a gold recovery system from gold tailings.
7 Determination of techniques for crude oil exploration under the Antarctic Sea ice.
8 Heat flows simulation of the Modified Converter of Teniente (CMT).
9 Computer modelling and simulation of injection bubbles’s ultrasonic fragmentation in pyrometallurgical processes.
10 Ultrasonic system for kinetic increase of chemical reactions on a CMT.
11 System for the detection of phase height and level on a CMT.
12 Computer modelling and simulation of the fluid dynamics of petrochemical systems.
13 Development of transformation techniques to transform lithium salts into metallic lithium.
14 Sensor development for the determination of the copper content in fusion-conversion tailings.
15 Development of ultrasonic techniques for process optimization of flotation cells.
16 Numeric resolution of a system of equations related to leachate piles using the finite difference method.
17 Development of a new mathematical model for the interpretation of electroencephalographic signals.
18 Development of a new model for the study of cerebral transitions phenomena based on chaos theory.
19 Development of a non-invasive system for cataract treatment using ultrasound and oxidative stress reduction agents.