To open opportunities to technological creations developed and patented in Chile, and in this way generating new business on a national and international scale.


The Art of Innovation

It has been said many times that culture and innovation must be part of the foundations of any nation´s development, that to nurture research is to reap development, that any technological dependence ties with more developed countries must be broken and this is achieved by making our own innovations and creating our own technologies. These ideas have been time-tested and slowly have been integrated into technological development programs that exist here in Chile. I can remember a conference given by professor Igor Saavedra where he demonstrated, with arguments taken from classical mechanics, that whatever the distance between a developed and a developing country, this distance grows as a function of time. The challenge is, then, to innovate, to allow technological breakthroughs that can be inserted from our country into the rest of the world. In brief, to export intelligence.

Innovation is to create from known elements. I believe that a good example of this was given by our great poet Vicente Huidobro when he said: “I have the right to conceive a flock of light blue sheep crossing the horizon under a rainbow”. To innovate is to give a new perspective that while generating change may give a greater breadth and depth view of any area. To innovate in technology in our country is to love our home... I can, in this very instant, remember the homeland vision of a passionate innovator as was Vincent van Gogh…


Perhaps you have never reflected on what your homeland is. It’s everything that surrounds you, everything that raised and nourished you, everything you have loved. This countryside that you see, these houses, these trees, these young girls, laughing as they pass by over there, that is your homeland! The laws that protect you, the bread that is the reward of your labour, the words that you exchange, the joy and sadness that come to you from man and the things amongst which you live, that’s your homeland! The little room where you once used to see your mother, the memories she left you, the earth in which she rests, that’s your homeland! You see it, you breathe it everywhere! Just think, your rights and your duties, your attachments and your needs, your memories and your gratitude, put all that together under a single name, and that name is your homeland”

Vincent Van Gogh

My invitation is to search for new approaches that enable us to have a better comprehension of the problems that affect us today, so that we can conceive innovation as the intersection between our present and the future, as bringing tomorrow into today´s midday light, or as sowing the star in a our flag so as to reap a starry firmament that will elevate the dreams of our homeland being developed day by day.